Introduction of bilingual classes in Studio GOD!/Mika | 恵比寿のヨガスタジオ「studio GOD -スタジオゴッド-」

Introduction of bilingual classes in Studio GOD!/Mika
- 恵比寿ヨガスタジオ studio GOD -

    Hello Yogis!

    I am Mika from Studio GOD, the yoga studio in Ebisu (close by from both Shibuya and Daikanyama.)

    How are you enjoying yoga life in Tokyo?

    I wanted to write brief introductions about myself as well as the studio in the hope for this could be one of your future alternatives.



    As a starter, let me introduce a little bit about myself.


    I was born and raised in Ibaraki pref. (right above Chiba) up until high school, and then flied to Vancouver, Canada for University majored in computer design where I officially started my English studies. After 4 years of taking the best of the multicultural life in the city surrounded by the great nature, I started my career in Tokyo. Currently, I work at a US-based pharmaceutical company as well as teaching yoga as an instructor at studio GOD.


    Looking back, my first yoga experience was at a hot yoga studio in Ebisu 10 years back and I fell into love with it so easily. I initially started taking yoga classes for weight control purpose, but after several months, I started to see some changes in my body. What was more interesting to me was the change in my mindset. Yoga always brought me with more stability, openness, and self-esteem after the practices. Eventually I understood the physical changes bring about mental improvements. Observation of the positive chain of repercussions to people around myself is something I enjoy the most about yoga practice. Well, this is the reason why I love yoga this much, and the biggest reason of teaching my kind of yoga which is based on Hatha as I enjoy practicing basics of how we focus on each part of body!



    Well, it’s time to write about our studio!

    Studio Overview:

    You may be able to find some studios in Tokyo that have English classes available, but I suppose they are still a few. We open from Monday through Saturday, from morning to evening times with various kinds of classes (i.e. power yoga, ashtanga, hatha basic, relax, restorative etc.) so you can find yoga of your type. Among them, we have 4 bilingual classes available upon your request as follows (as of April):


    Bilingual classes:

    10:00-11:00am on Wednesdays / Core Control Pilates by Akemi

    6:30-7:30pm on Fridays / Flow & Restorative by Akemi


    8:00-9:00pm on Thursdays / Evening Hatha Yoga by Mika (myself)


    2:30-4:00pm on Saturdays / Acro Yoga beginner by Mika Saito




    Trial ticket is available at JPY2,000+tax for first-timers. We have several tickets available in case you wish to continue coming to our studio (JPY3,000 for drop-ins, JPY11,000 for 4 lessons, JPY25,000 for 10 lessons all tax exclusive, valid for 3 months.)

    We have rental mat(donation), blocks and blankets for free to use. All you need is comfortable wear of your choice!


    Access & Reservation:

    Our studio is only 5min walk from both JR and Metro of Ebisu station. We are on B1 level of the building in between “marugo deli” café and “uraebisu” café. Class reservation in-advance would be appreciated but not mandatory. Online booking system is available though it’s only in Japanese, so please feel free to contact us from along with your details (from top - your name, email address, and which class you would participate in.)




    Assuming that now you got the whole picture of what our studio is like Everyone at our studio has bright and friendly personalities, so please feel free to drop by at any time. Looking forward to meeting & connecting with you soon!